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B2B Auction Platform

Tallamond INC is a company that focuses on trading in aerospace parts, so not only was the client’s business interesting, but also their requirements. Tallamond INC asked us if we to develop a complex B2B auction platform. To meet the requirements, we faced many technological issues, which we succeeded in solving.

The on-line platform had to be a tool that allowed transactions for the companies that worked in the aerospace industry, both manufacturers and sellers. A user-friendly interface allowing clear and intuitive presentation of the products was one of the goals that we had to achieve when developing this platform.

Its intended use was to help increase company profits from the commissions for transactions made via the auctions. It was essential for users to communicate in a way that reduced the risk of outsider bids at an auction to a bare minimum.



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Analysis and implementation_

We decided that making such a platform from the ground up would be to costly and time- consuming. It was necessary to implement many auction- related functions in the platform. Examples include verification for new sellers, a sellers description page along with the line of products that he provides, and the ability to rate and post comments.

The platform was based on the MultiVendorMarketPlace module, which had most of the functions that were required by the client. The missing functions were programmed by our team.

It was necessary to create a completely new function for the bulk import of product lines, allowing future users of the platform to import their product line. Managing the products is a default function available for people using the admin panel, but we also had to make it available for the client to use while creating an auction. Our solution allows for the client to import his products along with all the related informations into the platform.

We had to be particularly cautious about maintaining system stability. The distinctive trait of this function was durability for parallel data import by many users at the same time. Additionally, the bulk import reporting system allows for the user to see progress of the data stream, with the access to details of the data transfer.

We created a main communication hub for the users without the access to data that allowed communication outside of system with the use of the MultiVendorMarketPlace module. It fulfilled most of the client’s requirements and was upgraded by our team to fulfill the rest.

The registration of every new seller is preceded by his verification made by administrator from the BackOffice panel of Magento.

Key features_

_MultiMarketPlace module upgrade

Using the module to build Tallamond’s auction platform allowed us to shorten the development time by about 80%. This module was upgraded with functions created by our programmers from the ground up.

_In bulk import of products by using CSV files

The massive bulk importing was preceded by research and implementation of CSV file architecture. This functions ensures stability of the system in case of parallel product file import by many users, and allows to see the log information during the data stream.

_User verification mechanism

This tool allows to verify every new user added to the platform’s admin panel. Every action made by both sides (user and the administrator) sends an email to the opposite side, ensuring effective communication.

Fox skills_


By letting our team – who are experienced in developing and modifying Magento – work on this project, the client received in the first stage of development a very precise analysis of the platform that included the use of correct modules for their requirements. We also selected the right modules that needed modifications from the ground up.

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