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Breakaway Distributing is a company that specializes in manufacturing clothing with printed designs. A broad assortment and a multitude of possibilities to personalize printed designs are features that distinguish them from the competition. As the company grew, they made the decision to expand their market by another, online channel.

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In 1998, when Google was founded, the search engine handled 10 thousand queries a day. After a year, this number grew to 3.5 million. Today, it is nearly 3.5 billion per day. How many of those queries are relevant to your online store? You probably know this perfectly well since you are keeping track of the statistics. For most online stores, organic traffic is the main source of visits. In the case of migration to a different platform, there is a risk that the results you have worked so hard

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One of the most important times in running an online store is the time when we become aware that our business’s further growth will not be possible without updating the platform on which our website operates. This will also often be the time when it turns out that successive e-store functionalities that are critical to our business cannot be implemented into the current CMS. What should be done in such a situation?

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Magento 2 Model

To get information from our table, we need to create a model which extends from AbstractModel. Models are used to connect to the database, and process data from and to it. To create that, we need to prepare a file entitled Data.php in app/code/CleverCode/HelloWorld/Model with the following contents:

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We will add the next column for our Hello table. To do this we need to create UpgradeSchema.php in app/code/CleverCode/HelloWorld/Setup with the following contents:

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Magento 2 Create A Custom Table

Today we will create a custom table in Magento 2 to our HelloWorld Module. If you need to carry information instead of attributes, this is a good choice for you.

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Magento 2 BLOCK

Today we will create a Block and .phtml template for our HelloWorld Module. We need this to display data with HTML code.

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To put Magento into developer mode, we need to run the following command:

Why do we need it? It will show all the errors for us, disable the static view of file caching, enable automatic code compilation and allow for enhanced debugging. System logging is in var/reports . When we are finished, we can set Magento to production mode by:

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Magento 2 Installation

Today we will install Magento 2. Why do we need to do this? Previous versions will still work, but Magento will stop supporting these versions in a few years’ time.

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