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Prison snax
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Prison Snax is an online store, which has a specific target group. Clients of Prison Snax can buy and ship tasty treats for inmates incarcerated in prisons all across the US. Initially the client had already implemented Magento installation, but their expectations far exceeded the basic Magento functionality , and the complexity of this project exceeded the abilities of the previous developer. To succeed, this project required the knowledge of almost every process occurring in Magento. Because of our experience and knowledge of this system, Prison Snax chose to work with us.

The client’s expectations were related to expanding the Magento Community platform with functions which enabled the submission of personalized orders. Our goal was also to ensure a unique model of adding products to the cart, the choice of delivery and payment method.

By integrating the list of prisoners coming from the external system NYSLookUp, it was necessary to improve the vendor provider selection. Customer expectations also included the implementation of graphic imagery adapted to the requirements of a modern, functional standard.



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Analysis and implementation_

During the detailed requirements analysis, we found that the unique model of adding products to the cart was closely tied to the integration with an external web service, NYSLookUp. NYSLookUp is a known search engine of all prisoners detained in facilities all across the US. Our task was to implement a solution that would allow search results to be displayed directly in the Magento system.

The customer wanted to have a friendly user interface for the ordering process. Our decision to create automatic address assignment to a prison facility – embedded as a destination of delivery – significantly simplified the current process of handling orders.

It was necessary here to have a unconventional approach to the subject. Magento allows each order to assign one recipient by default,. In this case, each product in the order should have a separate recipient. Modifying the mechanism Magento Attributes, which controls the definition of new product information, has helped us in the realization of this task.

The standard 5-step order process in Magento now needs only one step thanks to our modification. The snack shop has already been implemented, with a module recommended by us called- OneStepCheckout.

The client requested that we make a change so that the content of the cart could be modified in the last step of the order. That also included a solution to allow a change in the payment method to a custom setting. A thorough modification of the OneStepCheckOut module simplified the development process significantly, and saved our Magento experts copious amounts of time.

Key features_

_Integration with external service NYSLookUp

The implemented solution allows for the search engine NYSLookUp to show search results in the Magento system. To create integration with this external service we used PHP – cURL technology. That way, the system has access in real time to the information stored in the external service.

_Module OneStepCheckout complete modernization of the ordering process

Implementation of the module OneStepCheckOut – after modification by our developers – allowed for a simplification of the ordering process to one step. The customer now gets the opportunity to change the contents of their cart, as well as method of payment and delivery in one view of the order.

_Responsive web design

Interfaces implemented by our team have been carefully designed according to the UX. Use of RWD Bootstrap technology combined with creativity and a sense of the aesthetics of our developers ensured that the solutions implemented were consistent with the image of the company.

Our clients_

Clever Code team are effective, collaborative, professional and, most of all, skilled at what they do. We needed a fairly complex custom Magento implementation and they were a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

Dan Porras

CleverCode team were very patient and understanding on this, our first ever coding project. Always upbeat and polite – their end product does everything that we needed it to. Will use them for future updates and revisions.

Jordan Pilkington

The Clever Code team has done a lot of great work on our Magento store. Not only regular maintenance, but creative projects as well. Very easy to communicate through their ticketing system and Skype. Time zones can be tricky when working internationally, but I find they respond quickly no matter the hour. We will continue working with them.


Communication and responsiveness were top-notch and the skills were reasonably strong. In any case where the work was beyond their ability,they very forthcoming and we worked well as a team to find possible solutions . We enjoyed working with CleverCode agency and will likely have additional jobs for them in the future.

Sheila Rembiszewski

Excellent Magento Developers. Very easy to communicate with, and very accomodating for small changes and formatting changes that helped make our project very successful. I had a tight deadline and they made extra efforts to make sure they completed the work on-time.

Scott Vold


The experience gained from the implementation of similar modifications for handling orders and the creation of mechanisms using cURL enabled us to efficiently implement the required solutions for this client. By outsourcing the project’s execution to our company, the client could be certain of its success. In order to be certain that our vision matched with the client’s requirements, we have created precise specification of the project, along with the visualization.

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