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On-line food ordering restaurant
platform TurkinPippuri

The owners of TurkinPippuri from Finland wanted to create a complete on-line ordering system. As a pizza restaurant, their goal was to create a solution that simplified their ordering system.



TurkinPippuri had clearly specified requirements concerning their e-business mechanisms. They included a number of functions to facilitate their unconventional ordering process – for a client – and handling of this order by a system administrator.

The future system is supposed to be equipped with a number of functions that enables an unconventional ordering system for this online-based restaurant.

The main trait of this Magento-built online restaurant build was the Pizza Creator – an ordering mechanism allowing customers to arrange the ingredients in their own fashion. For effective orders, the system should allow the automatic printing of a receipt from a cash register for unusual orders.


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Analysis and implementation_

The client’s expectations for the pizza creator was to allow for a customer to choose their own ingredients, and calculate a price based on the size of the pizza and the number of chosen ingredients. It required us to create a dedicated mechanism. Completion of these requirements was possible thanks to Magento’s Custom Options and Attributes. We modified these Magento functions in a way that allowed price generation to be in alignment with the restaurant’s needs.

We implemented a function that allows the delivery of orders only to specific locations, filtered by postal code in order to prevent orders from outside of Finland. We used the Finnish payment gate PayByWay for online transactions.

The dedicated invoice module we set up allows for invoice printing in unconventional formats. The content of this module was limited to essential information necessary for quick order handling. Automatic printing of all attachments sent to specific email addresses allowed us to accomplish the printing of any bill inside of restaurant.

Key features_

_Pizza creator

Allows for clients to arrange their own pizza using any amount or type of ingredients of their choosing. Pizza Creator also allows for orders of standard pizza types from a menu, without any customization.

_Dedicated price calculation algorithm module

Dedicated price calculation algorithm automatically estimates the price for any order. It uses size of a pizza with the type and the amount of ingredients.

_Automatic bill printing

Using the invoice printing module to print bills of unconventional formats allowed us to fulfill the requirements posed by the client to print invoices from cash registers, inside of the restaurant, when ordering online.

Fox skills_


The owners of the Finnish restaurant TurkinPippuri received a product that fulfilled all their requirements described in the specification. The implementation process was preceded by a deep project analysis. Before the process of development, the client was provided with the visualization of solutions that we would implement, which when accepted by the client, proved that our understanding of the project matched with their expectations.

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