Developer Outsourcing

Outsourcing Magento programmers provides clients with an experienced team of developers that is committed to supporting projects and to helping to complete them. We have provided our outsourcing services to clients from 12 countries including the USA, Canada, UK, Finland, and Israel.


Overview of cooperation

Outsourcing cooperation starts with a thorough discussion of expectations. Due to different time zones, it is important to establish the rules of communication – determine the frequency of meetings, their duration and the response time of the coder.

Dedicated coders

Dedicated coders use the experience gained by developing many other projects to provide services at the highest level. We provide access to our expertise. Defining the scope of work helps in assigning of a coder with the required type of experience for the project.

Scrum methodology

Each of our coders is experienced and has been involved in complex implementations of stores using the Scrum methodology. Because of this solution, we provide easy contact with the project manager.


BackEnd Development

Our coders create solutions accordingly to Magento standards. We have the knowledge necessary to carry out the most thorough modernizations of processes and mechanisms in Magento platform, including Magento Community and Enterprise.

FrontEnd Development

We customize an existing page layout to match Responsive Web Design standards. During the development work we use Bootstrap technology, HTML5, jQuery and CSS3.

how do we work?

Proper conduct of entrusted tasks is coordinated by a dedicated project manager. His competence allows them to utilize the full potential of the coders and provide solutions that meet the client’s requirements. We use different systems for project management every day: Asana, Jira, Redmine, which improves the work of the whole team. Using the Git system affects the consistency of code, when the implementation of a task is run by more than one coder.


international experience

We create advanced projects that require experience, dedicated to the representatives of many business sectors from 12 countries. The experience gained from the cooperation with companies from places such as the US, Canada and Israel makes us versatile.

constant contact Online

Our coders are available on-line. Our hours of work are 08:00 – 16:00. In the case of major time differences, we recommend a longer meeting once a week to discuss future implementations. We also provide daily progress reports.

certified developers

We have certified coders working in our team. This confirms that our coders use the best practices and skills with the best approach to the process of coding.

What we did for others_

On-line food ordering restaurant
platform TurkinPippuri

The owners of TurkinPippuri from Finland wanted to create a complete on-line ordering system. As a pizza restaurant, their goal was to create a solution that simplified their ordering system.    

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