E-commerce implementations

Properly implementing an online store requires knowledge and experience. As Magento, Prestashop, and Shoper experts we match solutions to appropriate business models. We adjust platforms to unconventional requirements based on a client’s requests. We also offer support in realizing custom graphic designs. Our knowledge and experience allows us to develop the most advanced of projects.


gathering requirements

Reviewing the initial submission of information concerning the project. Conducting direct interviews with the client and interviews with the people involved in the implementation, to get clear requirements. As a result, we are confident that we understand the needs of the client.

needs analysis

The requirements gathered are then passed into the hands of an expert in UX / UI, and a developer. Their expertise, allows for user-friendly solutions and an optimal time of development. The Scrum system allows us to conduct further, more detailed cost projections.

Visualization of the project

Complex objectives and pre-defined customer requirements are presented in the form of a document. A presentation of the visualization to the client assures us that their vision and ours are the same. This allows for the client to see results that will be achieved thanks to the coders’ work.


choice of technology

The choice of eCommerce technology is a key decision affecting the future of the business. The competence of our team allows us to choose the optimal platform tailored to the client’s expectations. When suggesting solutions, we consider the scale of business, the budget and the potential need for future solutions.

B2B and B2C solutions

Determining the correct customer target group lets us develop the platform in the right direction. Our exemplary achievements in the field of B2B and B2C include: Product configurators, Dedicated procurement processes, Algorithms for pricing of products and forms of delivery, Effective service orders, Extended capabilities for users and administrators. We implement multilingual solutions that integrate B2B and B2C sales into a single platform.

API integrations

We create customized solutions that integrate eCommerce platforms with external systems. Integrations are done by using API, CSV and XML. Our implementation includes the integration of Dropshipping with a range of assortments from external warehouses – Dropshipping, online payments, courier systems. Read more

modern design RWD

We specialize in the implementation of unique e-shop designs. We create eCommerce platforms that stand out from the competition because of these designs. We implement graphic designs prepared in PSD, JPG formats or on the basis of available RWD templates. Ecommerce implementation is compatible with most popular browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Through the use of Bootstrap technology, the platform is displayed properly on mobile devices with different resolutions.



Our client is also our partner. Together, we build a relationship that is based on commitment and trust. It is key to the success of every project. Constant contact on-line regardless of time differences. Because of that we can constantly work with clients from USA, Canada, Australia and European countries.


We assist in defining the client’s needs, and support them with our developers’ expertise prepared by our developers. Direct contact with the developer and project manager enables support at every stage of the project. We help to create a vision of the platform, and explain the processes related to the construction of a future solution.

development and maintenance
of the platform

We provide support for the future. The platforms developed by our team are provided with constant support. We update the system as required, and we support the implementation of various enhancements and new functionalities.

What we did for others_

On-line food ordering restaurant
platform TurkinPippuri

The owners of TurkinPippuri from Finland wanted to create a complete on-line ordering system. As a pizza restaurant, their goal was to create a solution that simplified their ordering system.    

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