E-commerce optimization

Often a client’s needs go far beyond the standard set of platform capabilities. Because of their advanced architecture and functionalities, Magento and Prestashop demand committed and experienced developers. We specialize in creating modules and developing extensions based on a client’s needs. These solutions are intended to increase online conversion rates, reduce performance costs and modernize a store’s image.


individual approach

The needs of each customer in the context of e-business are different. Gaining detailed requirements forms the basis for further work. A phone call or direct meeting with a client is of utmost importance.

needs analysis

We analyze the collected requirements. A team of software developers and UX experts create a shared vision for the project. At this stage we also create the future strategy of development.


Advanced projects require presentation of a graphical interface of the platform, and accurate description of the future mechanisms. Because of this the client is assured even before the start of the development that their vision will be properly interpreted by our team.



With market growth and new needs arising, it can sometimes turn out that a change in platform may be of key importance for the company to further develop. Based on customer expectations, we are able to recommend and implement one of the most functional platforms on the market. We perform data migration between platforms, which often relate to the client database and products range. With expertise in integrations with wholesalers (Dropshipping), we have mechanisms in place that support us in these efforts and accelerate the process.

advanced modernization stores

Our developers have the necessary skills to efficiently implement each task, from the simplest adjustments like changing the appearance of the store, to advanced modifications. As certified Magento experts with practical knowledge of the core functions in PrestaShop platform, we deal with the development of, among others: product creation tools, dedicated baskets, unique services and order fulfillment, upgrade pricing, and integration with external systems.

modules and extensions

We implement finished modules and create our own extensions. As a team of experienced coders, we build advanced dedicated mechanisms. In our daily work we often use already proven modules and extend their functionality according to customer requirements. This saves the time required for the development, without sacrificing the quality of the project.

API integrations

We create customized solutions that integrate eCommerce platforms with external systems. Integrations are done by using API, CSV and XML. Our implementation includes the integration of Dropshipping with a range of assortments from external warehouses – Dropshipping, online payments, courier systems. Read more

integration with wholesalers

We create solutions that import products from external systems to the online store. Dropshipping makes it possible to increase the range of the store products without needing to keep the actual products in the store’s warehouse. Regular addition of new products, automatic updates of the prices and managing an inventory are the key aspects of the integration. We have integrated the assortment of over 30 different wholesalers, including Amazon among others.


tested solution

The customer receives the product fully tested in terms of functionality and safety. Tests are performed both internally where the code is subject to verification, and externally by the client. The project is successful so long as the product is consistent with the vision of the client, and they accept the project.

scalable solution

We create modules dedicated to the Magento and PrestaShop platform, formed according to the platform’s standards. The appropriate code structure and compliance to programming standards affects the flexibility and reduces the time needed for project completion.

support expert

At each stage we provide our clients with support from our experts. Constant contact allows for our clients to control the development process, and receive expert answers to their questions.

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