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Internet flower shop
from SLK Solutions

SLK Solutions is an IT agency operating in the USA, which helps small and large business owners to implement new technologies. They asked us to support them with our experts with the complete implementation of an eCommerce project for their client.

The platform also included a dedicated bouquet creation tool.

The owners of the flower shop website noticed that due to their growth in the market they need to adapt by implementing new solutions in the form of an e-commerce platform. The concept included a bouquet creation tool allowing the customer to create bouquets by choosing flowers to their liking.

Making payments through the payment terminal in the shop was an important requirement, because of the security of user data. The client also stressed the importance of a modern graphic design implementation.


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Analysis and implementation_

Gathering detailed requirements and conducting analysis of the client’s needs allowed us to define the areas in which making changes could significantly improve the flower shop site. Based on this, we created the concept of the bouquet creator project.

Using existing functions, attributes and custom options of the Magento Community version, we developed a bouquet creation tool. The flower shop also offers add-ons that increase the price of the order, which we also had to present within the shop framework in graphic form. This solution allows the user to create their own arrangements and to select the size of the ordered bouquet.

Couriers of the flower shop operate only in specific areas of the United States. The next requirement of the client related to customer delivery. The answer was to implement a system reducing delivery areas to only the locations on offer. The system automatically adjusted the price of shipping, depending on the location of the customer.

It was a challenge to implement a solution that ensured a high level of data security associated with making payments through the payment terminal. The only option to achieve this goal was associated with the necessity to store information from credit cards on the client’s server.

To minimize the risks associated with access to the data by a third party, the implemented solution encrypts all the information, and the number of the card is removed immediately after completion of the transaction.

Key features_

_Payment method

A dedicated payment system where transfers were carried out manually at the florist, was an extremely important element of the project. Thanks to the implemented solution, the safety aspect of these transactions was ensured.

_Buquet creator

Customers of the flower shop can personally create and customize a unique bouquet, which will go directly to the recipient. This is possible because of a modified Magento function called Attributes and Custom Options.

Fox skills_


A comprehensively implemented, functional and completely safe product. All of the customer’s requirements were met. Before submitting the final product we put it through a thorough testing process. Modern, adapted to the requirements of a mobile website design, unique and matching the specifications of the online store.

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