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How to fetch data from a database and display it in Magento 2

Magento 2 Model

To get information from our table, we need to create a model which extends from AbstractModel. Models are used to connect to the database, and process data from and to it. To create that, we need to prepare a file entitled Data.php in app/code/CleverCode/HelloWorld/Model with the following contents:

We can see that refers to the file Data.php in app/code/CleverCode/HelloWorld/Model/ResourceModel with the following contents:

hello is our table name and id is the primary key in this table. Resource Models are objects that contain code to fetch data from a data store. In the last step we need to create a Collection. We need to create Collection.php in app/code/CleverCode/HelloWorld/Model/ResourceModel/Data with the following contents:

It extends from AbstractCollection. We need to set the path to our Model and Collection. After that we need to modify our block as below:

We need to pass 2 parameters in the constructor. First will be a Magento template element and the second will be our new model. We can see that a new function called getHelloCollection() was added. It returns the collection from our table. We used a function called getCollection(). Its function is from Magento AbstractModel class. It has more functions to delete, save, load, set and get data.


To show information from a table we need to change our phtml file like this:

Instead of $this we can use $block. A variable called $item is the element of our model, and by using magic functions we can get all the data. We should see the content of our table like this:

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