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E-store system for global sales


Judaica is a leader on the Israeli market of suppliers of the highest-quality souvenirs, jewelry, and skin care products originating from the Dead Sea, as well as judaistic and Jewish works of art.

They are produced locally by many of Israel’s most well-known artists. Our collaboration has given birth to four online stores fully adapted to international sales. The functionalities we have implemented allow the client’s offer to reach various groups of consumers around the entire world.


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Judaica – E-store system for global sales_


One of the functionalities we have implemented for the Judaica brand is an e-store system that supports the process of international sales.

Quick and easy multilingual communication and the possibility of introducing different currencies into the system according to the selected language and market were important to the Client. A dedicated price policy and the capability of selecting forms and costs of delivery for each store were also very significant issues.

Ultimately, the platforms that were created are available to customers from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Spain, France, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, the USA, the United Kingdom, Israel, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Over the course of implementation, we used a ready mechanism that supports e-commerce platforms operating in many different countries.

What benefits does this functionality generate for the Client?

The ready module reduced the project’s costs and implementation time,

Increased profits thanks to the capability of offering products to 17 countries around the world,

Greater customer loyalty due to localization of content published on e-stores and communication in languages consistent with the target markets.

Key features_

Reduced development -3500 EURO

_Administration of 4 stores in one panel

The four e-stores prepared for Judaica are managed from one administration panel.

The integrated administration panel allows for:

Constant access to the status of deliveries of all four stores from a single panel,

Easy price policy management – the company offers goods in many different countries, therefore it was necessary to adjust individual tax rates, and selection of the currency was indispensable in the implementation,

Better organization of deliveries – all possible forms of goods shipments are available in one panel along with the corresponding costs. This brings order to the logistical process and reduces the number of claims.


_Integration with warehouse stocks

The Judaica brand also needed improvements with regard to automation of warehouse stocks. Conducting sales simultaneously in several e-stores could lead to disorganization of work in the case where warehouse stocks were updated manually.

Thanks to the application of the ready Multistore solution, we integrated two stores with one main warehouse. If customers make purchases from one of these stores, the warehouse stock in the second e-store will automatically be reduced.

What is more, the solution that was introduced is fully scalable. If the Client would like to increase the number of warehouses in the future, then adding them to the current system will not be a problem. The entire module will automatically take any new warehouses into account.

What are the benefits of applying this functionality?

Constant access to warehouse stock – the staff responsible for e-stores always know how many products were ordered and from what store,

Higher level of customer service – users of the e-stores see whether a given product is available in the warehouse,

Less claims – constant updating of warehouse stocks means that the risk of selling a product that is unavailable at a given time has practically been eliminated.

Thanks to the application of the MultiStore solution, approx. EUR 4,000 was saved. This is how much it would cost to create this functionality from the ground up on a platform that does not support this module.


_Responsive layout of e-stores

The “mobile first” concept guided us over the course of our work on the layouts of all e-stores. Responsiveness is currently very significant due to the growing number of people who make purchases on mobile devices. In addition, this has an effect on how websites are positioned in Google’s rankings.

Endowing e-stores with responsive features means that their appearance is automatically adjusted to the device currently used by the user to display the given website. Moreover, because of this, e-stores have gained a modern and trendy appearance.

Reduced development -20 000 EURO

_Summary Judaica

The example of the project’s implementation for the Judaica brand shows how running international e-commerce businesses on a large scale is very feasible in practice. We achieved the goal set forth at the beginning of conceptual work by utilizing a platform based on flexible and modular solutions. Thanks to it, we were able to implement individual solutions adapted to the needs and market realities of our Client, as well as to build platforms that can be enriched by additional functions in the future. The application of ready modules also shortened the time of implementation, becuase we did not have to code certain solutions from the beginning, just adapt them to the Client’s needs. Ultimately, this translated to a substantial reduction of the entire project’s implementation costs. If we had implemented the store on a platform other than Magento with MultiStore functionality, the EUR 20,000 savings we achieved would not have been possible.

Our clients_

Clever Code team are effective, collaborative, professional and, most of all, skilled at what they do. We needed a fairly complex custom Magento implementation and they were a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

Dan Porras

CleverCode team were very patient and understanding on this, our first ever coding project. Always upbeat and polite – their end product does everything that we needed it to. Will use them for future updates and revisions.

Jordan Pilkington

The Clever Code team has done a lot of great work on our Magento store. Not only regular maintenance, but creative projects as well. Very easy to communicate through their ticketing system and Skype. Time zones can be tricky when working internationally, but I find they respond quickly no matter the hour. We will continue working with them.


Communication and responsiveness were top-notch and the skills were reasonably strong. In any case where the work was beyond their ability,they very forthcoming and we worked well as a team to find possible solutions . We enjoyed working with CleverCode agency and will likely have additional jobs for them in the future.

Sheila Rembiszewski

Excellent Magento Developers. Very easy to communicate with, and very accomodating for small changes and formatting changes that helped make our project very successful. I had a tight deadline and they made extra efforts to make sure they completed the work on-time.

Scott Vold

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E-store system for global sales


Judaica is a leader on the Israeli market of suppliers of the highest-quality souvenirs, jewelry, and skin care products originating from the Dead Sea, as well as judaistic and Jewish works of art.

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