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Do you want to sell globally? Learn about the capabilities of Multistore Magento!

If you have more than one e-shop, then you understand the challenges related to maintaining and managing them perfectly. It’s not only about the time and effort involved, but also the money invested. The creators of one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, Magento, were also aware of these challenges and made every effort to facilitate maintenance of multiple stores and global expansion for merchants. How did they meet the market’s expectations? They created Magento Multistore.


Multistore – a single panel for multiple shops

MultiStore Magento facilitates handling of orders originating from multiple online stores thanks to a single administration panel. Because of this, managing all sales is possible from just one, main e-store, without the need to log into other administration panels. Such a solution not only makes it possible to save time but also supports the day-to-day work of all people involved in e-commerce.

How does Magento Multistore work?

The MultiStore from Magento makes it possible to create and configure as many websites, stores and store views as your company needs. You can configure every store in a separate domain, with a different product range, addressed to different target groups. You can also take advantage of the option of sharing customers, products, prices and other data between different stores.

What is more, despite the fact that orders will be funneled from all stores to a single main store, every customer will receive messages solely from the store in which they made their purchase. So Multistore does not introduce any differences from the perspective of consumers, while making life much easier for merchants.

Thanks to the functionality of Magento Multistore, you can:

       Use one or multiple domains,

       Create separate product catalogues for every store or share one,

       Use different functionalities for every store,

       Introduce different currencies and language versions in e-stores,

       Use different payment methods and forms of shipment,

       Maintain platforms on a single hosting plan,

       Update warehouse stocks between individual e-stores,

       Export product databases to all of your stores.

Adding further functionalities should always reflect specific business objectives. Magento MultiStore will certainly be a helpful solution for merchants who:

       offer a product range spanning multiple industries,

       operate on different markets,

       want to reach diverse groups of consumers.

You can also read about the benefits offered by MultiStore on our blog. We used this module when creating an e-commerce platform for the Judaica brand.

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