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Artivist Global

The project Artivist Global is an exceptional platform, because it supports the actions of many well-known worldwide charity institutions concerned with wildlife preservation. The store we took into our care had several major faults, due to external interference.





Implementing our work with the Artivist Global project artivista Global entailed a number of activities. Among them was an examination of the store, improving its efficiency and creating a faster, intuitive ordering process. Our objective was also to implement a donation module, which enabled the transfer of a part of an amount from the order to charity, and also to implement a responsive layout.



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Analysis and implementation_

Many elements of the system were impossible to accurately estimate. Therefore we used the only reasonable methodology for the project – Scrum.

One of the project’s elements was to verify the accuracy of the modifications implemented by the company who had previously worked on the project.

After carrying out specially prepared scenarios, functional tests showed that the shop was working slowly. The reason turned out to be large high resolution graphics that required compression. The already-implemented Auction and Product Authors modules were tested and demonstrated that they functioned correctly.

Regarding the store design, the order handling required complete reconstruction in order to simplify the purchasing processes. To achieve this, we used the verified module 3-StepCheckOut.

Modernizing it to meet the clients expectations saved time needed for development in other areas. Thanks to the experience of our developers, we were able to create a function to transfer a part of the amount from the order to charity.

The function also allows the user to manually define any amount of money for charity donation, regardless of the order. The finished graphic design was implemented by using Bootstrap technology.

Key features_

_Dotation module

Implementation of the purchase module, enabling the transfer of part of the funds from the transaction to a charity, which fulfilled the expectations of the client to support charities.

_Examination with the use of Scrum technology

Conducting our examination by using Scrum methodology allowed us to define the errors occurring on the platform and their systematic repair.

Fox skills_


The product that the company received complies fully with the requirements, is fully functional and completely safe to use. The experience of creating a modification of the order (CheckOut) and product configuration was necessary during the project.

Modern and adapted to the requirements of mobile website design within the specifications of the online store.

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