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We do solid & shiny ebusinesses


Magento is an e-commerce platform with a broad variety of capabilities. Being one of the most developed platforms in the market it offers reporting, analyzing and product management. Because of its popularity, Magento has an unlimited number of extensions to use which allows for an expansion of its capabilities and results in major benefits. Even the most complex of projects can be realized thanks to Framework Magento. The platform was designed in a way that allows for the development process to be most efficient when worked on by an experienced developer.


A tool that is exceptionally easy to use. It has an intuitive and smooth admin dashboard, as well as plenty of standard features. Thanks to this tool, it is possible to run the complex personalization of an online shop. PrestaShop allows you to write, to programme and install extra external modules in case the basic options of the platform do not meet the user’s needs. It is excellent for shops that have a large stock, for instance. Due to its multilingual interface and numerous currency exchange possibilities, PrestaShop opens the way for a wide range of foreign customers.

_Services satisfy your demands

e-Commerce Implementation

Properly implementing an online store requires knowledge and experience.
As Magento and Prestashop experts we match solutions to appropriate business models.  Our knowledge and experience allows us to develop the most advanced of projects.


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e-Commerce Optimization

Often a client’s needs go far beyond the standard set of platform capabilities. We specialize in creating Magento and PrestaShop modules and developing extensions based on a client’s needs in order to improve business efficiency and increase online conversion rates. We modernize a store’s imagege.

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Outsourcing Magento

We provide clients with an experienced team of Magento developers that is committed to supporting projects and to helping to complete them.
We design and implement solutions that meet the highest of standards. We use Scrum methodology.


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Why we are so special_

Because as all Clever foxes we have some special abilities


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_Sense of hearing

The fox has a perfect sense of hearing, and because of that he can hear any sound from a great distance away.

The ability to listen is essential in the process of realising of our goals.. It is the verbally expressed needs of the client that are enacted by our team. We convert the client’s words into programming code.

_Did you know?

Foxes have a very well developed sense of hearing, so they can hear resting grouse within 600 steps and a squeaking mouse at a distance of 100 m.


The instinct of a fox works due to the precise work of the sympathetic nervous system. Neurons are key in the decision-making process. Our team represent our neurons.

We carefully select people who work with us. An experienced and predicting team makes any clients project a success.

_Did you know?

The key to creating a well-functioning team is an interesting, motivating work environment.

_We See

With stereoscopic vision foxes are able to assess the exact distance to the target.

Clients put more and more challenges in front of us, so we need to be able to anticipate every step in order to perfectly realise their goals. Foresight and the right planning are treated as the main determinants for the success of the project.

_Did you know?

Foxes have stereoscopic vision, allowing them to accurately estimate distance in relation to the objects they see.


The agility of our fox is guaranteed by the way the coders approach their duties.

The coder must be flexible. Simultaneous use of multiple tools is the way to optimize the time spent on coding. The ability to communicate clearly with the client and a competent development process are the basis of the methodology to create our projects.

_Did you know?

Foxes are extremely agile and dextrous; they can jump more than two meters in the air.

Clever works_

That speaks by themselves

E-store system for global sales



Judaica is a leader on the Israeli market of suppliers of the highest-quality souvenirs, jewelry, and skin care products originating from the Dead Sea, as well as judaistic and Jewish works of art.

Modular B2B / B2C Platform


Breakaway Distributing is a company that specializes in manufacturing clothing with printed designs. A broad assortment and a multitude of possibilities to personalize printed designs are features that distinguish them from the competition. As the company grew, they made the decision to expand their market by another, online channel.

An integrated B2C platform
Green Smoke


Nu Mark is part of Altria – the largest tobacco industry holding in the world, which includes Philip Morris, among others. This company focuses on creating innovative solutions on the e-cigarettes market.